Personal Protective Equipment for Namibia’s frontline personnel remain a priority for UN Namibia

Frontline personnel are our everyday heroes and heroines.

The United Nations (UN) Namibia handed over a donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Ministry of Health and Social Services’s (MoHSS) COVID-19 Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)  in its ongoing effort to support Namibia in the fight against COVID-19.

Equipment donated to MOHSS Emergency Operating Centre
Ms. Petronella Masabane, Deputy Director of Health for the MoHSS, demonstrates how some of the equipment donated by the UN System in Namibia can be utilised.

The equipment totalling approximately N$ 170 000 NAD was officially handed over to Ms. Petronella Masabane, Deputy Executive Director, at the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Speaking during the handover, Mr. Carlos Fernandez, Strategic Planning and Resident Coordinator’s (RC) Office Team Leader for UN Namibia; emphasised that the UN System in Namibia has been supporting the Government of Namibia in the COVID-19 pandemic response through a holistic and integrated approach with the support of all UN agencies in Namibia.

The donation included equipment from UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, WFP, WHO
The donation included Personal Protective Equipment and more from UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, WFP, WHO

The Protective Equipment donated consists of garments used to protect frontline personnel or any other persons from getting infected. The UN donation comprise of gloves, face masks, sanitising equipment, surface cleaners, handwashing soap, stationery and thermo guns. The equipment will be used by the frontline personnel operating the COVID-19 Emergency Centre, which will go a long way in protecting those who are risking their lives to keep us all safe.

“The UN System in Namibia’s response is holistic and integrated, and we are working around the clock to support the health sector, socio-economic and environmental sectors and in so doing, laying the foundations for mid and long-term recovery and resilience to build back better,” said Fernandez.

Mr. Carlos Fernandez, Strategic Planning and Head of RCO, on behalf of UN Namibia
Mr. Carlos Fernandez, Strategic Planning and Head of RCO, on behalf of UN Namibia

Ms. Petronella Masabane thanked the UN Family and stakeholders from the private sector for their donations to the EOC. She echoed the UN representative ‘s words in expressing gratitude to frontline personnel in Namibia.  “I would like to thank the people who are operating from the Emergency Operating Centre, thank you very much for  all your sacrifices, and now you can continue working with the assurance that you are protected. Please protect yourself and your families,” the Deputy Director appealed.

“The people working at the EOC are on the frontline of the response,” Masabane said.

Ms. Petronella Masabane, Deputy Director, MOHSS
Ms. Petronella Masabane, Deputy Director, Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS)

“They all have families, they have loved ones they left at home to come and work here,” she added. Frontline personnel not only at EOC but at all MOHSS health facilities, are supporting the response. Masabane stressed the importance of the handover, recognising how all players  have stepped up to the plate to ensure the people who are planning and coordinating the COVID-19 response are protected.

The UN family in Namibia was acknowledged for being a trusted and reliable partner.

“The UN Family is not only supporting us with material goods but also technical support. We have many experts from around the world who are sitting here at the EOC working with our team to plan and coordinate to ensure that we are ready to respond to any emergency,” Masabane concluded.

The intensity of this health emergency has firmly proven that solidarity and partnership are the fundamentals to base our actions upon in order to forge ahead to achieve our common vision as outlined in Agenda 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development plans.

WHO staff demonstrate the thermo guns
WHO staff demonstrate the thermo guns


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