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Press Release: 2021 Day of the African Child (16th June)

17 June 2021

To commemorate this event, some students of the Ambassador Schools have expressed the meaning of this day for them.

On June 16th 2021, SDG Book Club Africa celebrated the Day of the African Child with three exemplary Ambassador Schools: Beehive School, Ikeja, Lagos, Chrisland Schools (Lagos, Abuja) and Gateway School, Enugu. All three schools are located in Nigeria, West Africa.

In response to the survey administered by teachers about the Day of the African Child (June 16th 2021) and Africa Day (May 25th 2021), children of the three schools expressed joy and pride in their identity as Nigerians and Africans. They also expressed pride in attending great Nigerian schools.

Click here to join the children of Beehive School, Chrisland Schools and Gateway School as they talk about why we must continue to celebrate the African Child.

SDG Book Club Africa is one of the latest chapters of the UN SDG Book Club. It spans the entire continent of Africa and is, in size, second only to the global Club. SDG Book Club Africa launched the Ambassador Schools Program (17 th May 2021) to motivate children to read more and to provide them with quality books of a wide variety of genres, whose themes address principles of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Ambassador Schools encourage healthy and creative engagement with the SDGs, both
indoors and outdoors. At our Ambassador Schools, we seek to ensure that no-one, particularly children, the builders of our future, is left out of the global effort to make the world a better place.

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